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Hi, my name is Janna, a Chronic Pain Expert with over 20 years experience in the field.

As an emotional pain intuitive, I have focused my life on helping my chronic pain clients to gain hope and perspective, become empowered through results and achieve freedom from the pain that binds them.

What I am most passionate about is educating and guiding my clients to transcend their pain, become their own pain intuitives and provide them with the roadmap back to the life they are meant to live - free of pain!

My clients call me their Pain Whisperer.

In 1999, I sustained a terrible back and neck injury that blanketed my whole life in pain paired with an immense feeling of hopelessness. A year later, my world completely changed when I discovered Myomassology. As fate would have it, this would not only show me the door to understanding and releasing my own pain but awaken a deeper calling within me to help others the same way.

Within a few months I had healed my pain and by 2002 I had completed my full Myomassology training. This seeded my deep dive into learning an array of modalities to support my mission. From then on I have been committed to supporting my clients through the rehabilitation of the body and spirit, while coaching the mind. I facilitate the creation of a life that embodies harmonized balance, spiritual health and pain free living for those that I work with. The clients that I have worked with through my Pain Freedom MethodTM Program truly gain life lasting results worth raving about!

Offered Therapies

Be the next to triumph your pain through empowerment.

Clients aren't just satisfied, they have regained control over their lives, reclaimed their life force are able to retain a healthy state of emotional and physical homeostasis.

Janna is a wonder. She seems to figure out why I am hurting and know what exercises I should be doing to make me feel better. I have been to many massage therapists, however Janna is the best in my opinion. She is very experienced and her hands are made in heaven!!

Jane E.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

I cannot help but share this. Janna worked her magic on my neck and shoulders and the tension has subsided. I am sleeping better as well! I am so grateful for Janna and her passion towards helping people live their best life!

Polina K.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

I wanted to say THANK YOU so very much, I feel great.  In 8 years, I have never felt this good, I'm very excited for the future now. Thank you for being so awesome!

Neil D.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada.